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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WIMAX

Q. What is WIMAX?

A. WIMAX is short for WorldWide Interoperability for Microwave Access. Internet access is brought to the customer with an antenna on the roof. It is a type of internet communication technology based on a specific standard (IEEE 802.16).  WIMAX provides fast and secure wireless internet solution.

Q: What is the difference between Xtreme and LTE?

A: Xtreme is provided using wimax technology which is a fixed antenna on your roof. LTE is a mobile technology. 

Q: Will you need to drill holes in my roof and walls?

A: Yes a bracket needs to be mounted on your roof for the antenna which will entail drilling. The cable needs to be connected from the antenna into your building where the indoor unit will be located.  The property owner will be required to sign a permission sheet before installation.

Customer Portal

Q: How do I Register on the Customer Portal?

To register on the LTE Customer Portal

  1. Click on the “Register Button”
  2. Register with your Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN)
  3. and Complete the Registration Form Online
  4. click the checkbox to accept the Terms & Conditions
  5. Once the Registration Form is completed
    • Customer will receive an email with a One Time Password (OTP) that is valid for one login session via registered email address
    • Customer will then be directed to the Login page where the customer must
      • Change the Password
      • Setup 3 Security Questions

Q: How Do I view my balances?

To be able to view your balances you must be registered on the Customer Portal (See Q: How do I Register on the Customer Portal?)

Click on the “Login Button” and then Click on the view Balances

Q: Where do I receive my one time PIN when registering via the LTE portal?

The One Time Pin will be sent to your registered email address

Q: What information can be viewed on the Customer Portal?

Personal information, account information, available account balance and data usage

Q: May I purchase data bundles via the customer portal?

Yes with a valid visa or mastercard that is enabled for online transactions

Q: May I purchase data bundle with my debit card?

Yes as long as it is a valid Visa or MasterCard and enabled for online transactions

Q: Will my Old Mutual / Nammic bank card work to buy Data bundle?

Yes as long as it is a Visa or MasterCard and enabled for online transactions

Q: What steps should I follow to purchase data bundles via portal?

Navigate to the portal and follow on screen

Q: Will the top-up be on my device immediately after I complete payment?

Yes, as long as the transaction completed successfully

Q: Will I be charged VAT on the data bundle purchase?

Yes, VAT will be charged at the standard rate

Q: How long will my Top Up data bundle be valid?

The data bundle is valid for 30 days on a “use it or lose it” basis

Q: What is throttling?

When the included data on a contract package is exhausted, the data throughput is limited

Q: What is capping?

When data is exhausted on pre-paid services all data throughput is stopped until a data bundle is applied. The customer may still access the portal to add data bundles.