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In aid of mens cancer awareness



23 June 2018 | JOIN ON FACEBOOK

The Paratus Jockey Run is a charity drive towards the awareness of Men's Cancer held in association with the Cancer Association of Namibia and project partners: Kosmos 94.1 and Distell (Scottish Leader).

  • Teams of 4 runners will participant in a 10km fun run with the "Jockey" theme, which theme is open for interpretation. Prizes will be awarded for creativity around the theme. The event is open for all types of runners and the teams may opt to have all 4 runners run the entire route or that the team run relay segments of the route.
  • 3 routes are available but after registration closes, team captains will be invited to a blind live draw, thus selecting the route that the team will run on the day. The 3 routes will cover varying distances of 10.5km, 10.6km and a challenging 11km.
  • The teams will gather at 18:00 at their respective starting points and the event will officially kick-off at 19:00 for a delightful sunset running experience.

Your support

  • Please support the Paratus Jockey Run by entering the run.
  • Registration Forms are available here: REGISTRATION FORM
  • For any questions please contact Sunette Burden on 0833001000.

Project partners

Cancer Association Namibia

Scottish Leader

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Paratus initially came up with the idea of doing a midnight run year during the “Paratus Bearded Men” drive in 2016. In order to gain more exposure towards creating awareness for Men’s Cancer, the Paratus Group CEO, Barney Harmse, enticed sponsors with a challenge: Assist Paratus to make the N$100,000 target and he will run naked down Independence avenue.

John D’Alton, Managing Director of Paratus jokingly said: “Needless to say, the challenge was accepted, the target achieved and the run was done and we are not willing to release the non-existent footage.” This year, Paratus would like to commemorate the event by turning the initial midnight run into an annual running event.

We have thus aptly named this the Paratus Jockey Run.

The event was launched in conjunction with the Cancer Association and other project partners: Distell with the Scottish Leader brand and Kosmos 94.1.

John DaltonThe challenge

The inaugural event has three 10km routes ranging from a beginner route (South Route) which mostly descends into Windhoek with very little uphill; a challenging route (East Route) with a challenging 44m climb over 920m and the final most challenging route (West Route), which starts out with a 65m climb over 975m and an 18% incline.

John D'Alton

The team captains will select their respective team’s routes in a blind draw that will be announced after registration closes, thereby no team will have an opportunity to pre-select a preferred route. The teams will also be allowed to decide the format of running i.e. whether all members run the full 10km or whether they complete this in relay format.

When asked what a Jockey Run is, D’Alton said that every runner will have to interpret that for themselves in terms of their planning and team spirit.

“We may hint to some interpretations when the team captains do the blind draw”, D’Alton concluded.