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Paratus Telecom

Paratus Telecom Botswana is the latest expansion of the Paratus Telecommunications Group - a multinational telco with presence throughout Africa including international points-of-presence located as far afield as Lisbon (Portugal) and London (UK).

Although Botswana was recently established, it benefits from years of experience and the ability to leverage the group’s infrastructure and international peering relationships.

Our focus from the beginning is to provide high quality solutions and unmatched service. We are investing significantly and establishing a national network in Botswana that is resilient and redundant and provides multiple routes connecting Botswana to the wider Paratus network.  Through a full service provider license, the Botswana team is able to provide a large scope of services ranging from voice to national and international connectivity, as well as a range of valued added services.





We pride ourselves in providing our clients with carefully crafted solutions. We are about service and quality, which provides you with peace-of-mind. Our commitment is to you and to ensure that you can run your business effectively.  It’s that simple.

So why go elsewhere - Paratus Telecom - Always Prepared!